The Ultimate Chicago Gift Guide

The holiday season has crept up on us once again and it’s no secret it can be a stressful time. Having to plan travel, arrange dinner plans and organize the family calendar, you can fall behind. No one likes to feel like they’re behind, so here’s a list of some of our favorite companies that offer incredible gifts for this holiday season! You’re welcome! 




Love, Charlie

Lakeview newcomer Love, Charlie only opened its doors in November but quickly proved to be just what the neighborhood needed. They’ve got a little something for everyone in your life. If self-care is something your loved ones need, you can gather all the supplies needed for a little R&R right here. Luxurious bath salts and lotions to keep skin soft, homemade candles that will warm a soul even on the coldest of nights, and warm sweaters that have love in the stitches fill this little boutique to the brim with unique and thoughtful gifts. Love, Charlie is open every day, so you can stop in when it’s most convenient for you. If you’re feeling stumped on what to get, just ask the incredible owner who knows a thing or two about curated fashion and what’s in trend.


Plump Room

The holiday season can leave a lot of people feeling and looking tired, so why not give the gift of a youthful appearance? At Plump Room, their expert injectors can sprinkle botox in all the right places to have your loved ones looking like they’ve just had the best sleep of their lives. Maybe you know someone that has been pining after a perfect pout but hasn’t been able to take the leap? Plump Room can help with that too, all while providing a comfy and homey space to keep warm in. This botox boutique boasts plush velvet chairs, chic chandeliers, and a fireplace to give the space maximum coziness and warmth. Hey, maybe if you wanted to treat yourself to a little something too, they have two chairs so you can use the buddy system and make an experience out of it!


Flight Mode Skincare

This one is for the jet setter in your life and while not Chicago-based, we’ve got two international airports and a need for great skincare options while traveling. Funneling cleansers and moisturizers into TSA-approved bottles is a pain that no one wants to do, so oftentimes, people resort to buying travel-size products from the aisles of CVS or nixing their skincare routine altogether. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, people want to look their best but when opting for drugstore products, skin can suffer. Thankfully, Flight Mode has a solution. Already packaged in approved sizes, the benefits go beyond just convenience. Did you know skin can suffer in high altitudes? From drying you out and dulling your tone, the skin will likely become puffy as your body retains extra water due to lack of movement.

Your travel bug loved ones will rejoice when they open their new inflight skincare regime that will have them looking and feeling refreshed. Easy to use and no water necessary, there’s never been a more convenient way to keep up with skincare while on the go.


Kohler Water Spa, Lincoln Park

Chicagoland is chock full of unique and innovative spas, but one that tops the list year after year is the Kohler Water Spa. The name Kohler probably already rings a bell as a manufacturing company based out of Wisconsin, but you probably didn’t know that they have a state-of-the-art spa located in Lincoln Park. Offering an expansive menu with luxurious services, the Kohler Water Spa offers a little something for everyone. Whether they’re looking to experience pampering in the form of massages and facials or if a blowout and lash extensions are something that would pique their interests more, they’ve got it all. We’re big fans of the Hydrotherapy Treatments that combine the power of water and a skilled masseuse to deliver a unique experience that only Kohler can deliver. They’ve even got something for the men in your life who could use a little escape from the real world. The best part is that you barely have to lift a finger to get a gift card for this incredible experience as you can purchase directly from the site, have it shipped to you or the receiver and use it at a multitude of retreat locations if a getaway is more their speed.


We hope we’ve managed to get some gears turning for your gift giving this season! Happy Holidays! 

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