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Welcome to Plump Room, Chicago’s most luxurious injectables bar. We can’t wait to show you how pampered you can be while getting that glow. Since 2020, we have been empowering our guests to be their most confident selves with an array of services including Botox, fillers and indulgent microinfusion facials, with many more innovative treatments to come. Let our expert injectors guide you on your journey to your best self.


botox or jeuveau


Worry lines will soon be a distant memory with the help of a little smoothing



Achieve a more relaxed, happier look by easing the area between your brows


Crow’s Feet

Restore the youthful look to your eyes with a quick dose of Botox


Brow Lift

Get a more lifted brow -or- balance uneven brows


Gummy Smile

Show a bit too much gums when you smile? Relax the upper lip for a natural and easy-going smile


Lip Flip

Perfect for plumping your pout, without the filler


Lip Lines

Tired of your lipstick settling in lines around your lips? Let a low dose of Botox smooth them away


Jaw Slimming

Slim the appearance of a square for a more relaxed, feminine look

consultation required

Headaches, Migraines, TMJ


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filler & pdo smooth threads


Signature Plump
Room Pout


We know that lip filler isn’t a one size fits all kind of service which is why we take the time to listen to exactly what YOU want! Using a combo of filler and threads, we will give you the pout you’ve been dreaming of. Start with a consultation with one of our expert injectors and they will get you the lip you deserve. Don’t need the full syringe? We can break down syringes into quarters to give you a lip that fits your unique features.




It’s time to drop the lip liner and define your natural pout with the help of smooth threads. These threads will help lift and plump what you already have by promoting collagen production in your lips. Watch lines blur away over the course of three months. After that, your body will be producing its own collagen to keep those lips looking luscious! *Note: Price reflects three sessions of thread placements over a series of weeks.




Stave off the appearance of pesky smile lines and volume loss with the help of cheek filler.




Soon deep-set wrinkles between your brows will be a thing of the past! While traditional filler can be risky in the elevens, our smooth PDO threads will help boost collagen production to help lift and blur deep-set lines. *Note: Price reflects a package of three sessions.




Plump up your cheeks with three sessions of threads to help your body naturally produce collagen. Cheek Threads are a great solution to improve the appearance of acne scarring and sunken cheeks by giving your skin a much-needed lift! *Note: Price reflects a package of three sessions and is charged per cheek.




Whether you’re looking to balance your facial profile, restore lost volume or simply fill in a dimple, a nonsurgical chin augmentation is an easy way to enhance your look.




Correct asymmetry or give your brows some lift with the help of PDO Threads. By boosting collagen production above the brows, they will lift and make for a more youthful look and even help show off your beautiful eyes a bit more by lifting some of the skin above the eye! *Note: Price reflects a package of three sessions and is priced per brow.

aquagold finetouch

Glass Skin Microinfusion

consultation required

With the help of a 24K Gold micro-needling device, get the perfect dose of Jeuveau and Versa to give you skin that even the hottest celebrities would lust over! Tailored to your needs, this cocktail will refresh your skin for a poreless appearance.

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We’re changing beauty for the better.

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