A Midlife Mini Facelift with Botox

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Greetings, lovely souls! It’s Dr. Brittany Dickinson here, thrilled to embark on a candid conversation about a topic close to my heart: the mini facelift with Botox. As woman approaching forty years old, maintaining a youthful appearance often feels like a balancing act. But let me share with you a little secret—it’s all about embracing the journey, celebrating our unique beauty, and sometimes, a little help from our friend, Botox. As the owner of Plump Room Injectables Boutique in Chicago, I look at skin all day. I wholeheartedly believe we can look and feel our best while keeping our look natural!


Now, let’s address the elephant in the room—aging. It’s a natural process we all experience, and while I firmly believe in embracing every stage of life, I also understand the desire to look and feel our best. Enter the mini facelift with Botox, a minimally invasive procedure that can work wonders in rejuvenating your appearance without the need for extensive surgery.

In our mid-thirties, we begin to notice the beginning signs of aging. Skin laxity shows as lower brows, and more skin hanging on our eyelids. Loss of our “baby fat” shows as a less defined jawline, some pre-jowling, and the corners of our mouths beginning to turn down. With the amount we are looking down at our phones these days, we also are noticing lines in our neck. These first signs of aging can make us feel tired, and older than we actually are. With strategically placed botox injections, we can release the muscles that are pulling our skin downward, and achieve a subtle lift!

First things first, let’s debunk some myths surrounding Botox. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about freezing your expressions or erasing every single line on your face. Instead, it’s about subtle enhancements that allow you to age gracefully while still feeling confident in your skin. Think of it as a gentle nudge in the right direction, helping you look as vibrant on the outside as you feel on the inside.

One of the aspects I adore about the mini facelift with Botox is its versatility. Whether you’re looking to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, lift sagging skin, or redefine your jawline, there’s a tailored approach to suit your unique needs. Plus, the results are typically natural-looking, leaving you with a refreshed appearance that doesn’t scream “I’ve had work done.”

The Process

Now, let’s dive into the procedure itself. Picture this: a quick visit to your trusted cosmetic injector, a few strategically placed injections, and voila! You’re on your way to a more youthful, radiant you. The beauty of the mini facelift with Botox lies in its simplicity and efficiency—no lengthy recovery times or drastic changes, just subtle enhancements that leave you looking and feeling your best.

Here at Plump Room, you can expect this appointment to take about 30 minutes. We’ll spend time talking about what bothers you the most about your skin. We’ll chat a bit about your water intake, diet, and skincare. I’ll do a thorough assessment of your skin, muscle strengths, and deeper lines. The procedure itself is the fastest part. It typically takes 5 minutes from start to finish. And the downtime is more minimal than most laser treatments! 

The aftercare

Most of my guests have no pain afterwards. You will have little mosquito bite looking marks that absorb in a few minutes. For the following 24 hours, you’ll have some aftercare instructions to follow. This means like no alcohol, no saunas, steam, or exercise, no makeup, and no rubbing or massaging your face. It is common to have small bruises for a couple of days. I recommend arnica gel to clear those up faster, and you are absolutely able to use concealer if needed (after 24 hours). 

The effects will take about 2 weeks to set in, and you’ll feel subtly lifted, and look more refreshed and awake. Our goal is that everyone you know will be telling you how great you look… and no one will be able to put a finger on what exactly it is! The effects will last between three and six months, as everyone’s metabolism is different, and with consistency will last slightly longer each time. 

Of course, like any cosmetic procedure, it’s essential to do your research and consult with a qualified professional. Your cosmetic injector will assess your unique facial anatomy, discuss your goals and expectations, and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you. Transparency and communication are key, ensuring you feel empowered and informed every step of the way.

In conclusion, darlings, the mini facelift with Botox is a beautiful tool in our arsenal for maintaining a youthful appearance. Embrace the journey, celebrate your unique beauty, and remember, a little bit of self-care goes a long way. Here’s to looking and feeling fabulous at every age!


Dr. Brittany and the Plump Room Team

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