Five Areas You Didn’t Know Botox Could Treat

It’s no secret that Botox can be used to treat wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and between the brows, but did you know there were many other places where we can use Botox? Some of the benefits are cosmetic but a few others will do more than just work to smooth fine lines. Here are five areas you didn’t know Botox could treat and how they can benefit you!

This one is for you, teeth clenchers. Many people live with sore jaws and frequent headaches due to clenching, and sometimes a nightguard isn’t quite cutting it. By using targeted Botox in the masseters and temporalis, the muscles will relax and release you from those migraines. Relief comes in about 2 weeks and will last for 3 months. Though for some people it can last even longer. If someone has particularly strong muscles, your injector may add a couple of units for an extra boost of ease.

Gummy Smile
The lip flip has become a popular procedure in the last couple of years. It is a low-dose, easy solution for those whose upper lip disappears when they smile. But what about those that still show adequate upper lip when they smile, just too much gum show? There’s an option for them too! Gummy smiles are caused by your muscles lifting your lip and pulling too high resulting in more gum show. While there are things that can be done other than Botox, this is a great starting point, an affordable one!

With a small dose of toxin on both sides of your nose, the muscles will be weakened just enough to give you an easy smile. Without affecting your daily life and leaving your lip resting comfortably just where your teeth meet your gums.

Platysmal Bands
As we age, it’s not uncommon for the neck to show signs of aging differently than the face. One of the things that can contribute to this is protruding platysmal bands. Platysmal bands are the muscular bands that protrude from your neck when you grimace or make certain movements. Because the skin on the neck is much thinner, these bands can easily make an appearance without you even thinking about it. Thankfully, with some Botox, you can ease the strength of these muscles in a few different ways. When the muscles get smaller, you’ll be left with a more elegant and graceful neck.

Jaw Slimming
Oftentimes as we age, we feel that our face just doesn’t quite look the same. Many people try to chalk this up to volume loss in the cheeks, when in fact it may be the overdevelopment of the masseter muscle that is overpowering your face. Your masseter is in use all day, every day meaning it’s getting a workout frequently causing it to get larger. With a dose of tox in each masseter, the muscle will no longer be able to overpower your face the way it used to.

However, jaw-slimming botox does take a bit longer than the standard 7 to 10 days you have to wait to see results in other areas. This change is more of a slow burn in the sense that it needs time to atrophy and shed that extra bulk. After a month, the change is visible to friends and family, and through continued treatment, you can get even better results!

Nose Lift
This one isn’t very well known as its results are subtle. When placed just below the nose, you’ll end up with a slightly upturned look. This is an extremely subtle tweak, but it’s just enough to give the tip of your nose that little pop!

Pebble Chin
Golf ball chin, pebble chin, whatever you may call it, can cause insecurity in many people. This rippled effect happens when you make certain faces and can be caused by a few different things, one of which is simply aging. As humans, we are expressive and animated, and with that comes involuntary flexing of muscles like your mentalis. After years of this movement, the chin can appear bumpy. Thankfully, a small dose of Botox is all it takes to restore a smooth and dimple-free chin.

There are many other creative ways toxins can enhance the look that you haven’t even considered, which is why your expert injectors are here to guide you. These five areas you didn’t know Botox could treat are a great place to start on your journey of minuscule enhancements. Whether you’re looking for subtlety, symmetry, or fierce enhancement, the options are seemingly endless.

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