Why Your Lips Don’t Have That Extra Oomph

There are an awful lot of misconceptions when it comes to injectables in the lip area. Fears that you’re going to look puffy, overdone, or not like yourself are valid, but are you getting all of the information? Chances are that you’ve seen a lot online to deter you from dipping your toes into the world of aesthetic enhancement, but we’re here to set the record straight. From Botox to Hyaluronic Acid filler, there are options that will give you your dream results. No more wondering why your lips don’t have that extra oomph!

Lip Flip
What is a Lip Flip?
A Lip Flip is a procedure that is performed by a knowledgeable injector to place neurotoxins such as Botox in the muscle of the lip. The orbicularis oris is a round muscle that works to pucker and move the lip. This muscle should be treated around the entire lip rather than just the top so you don’t end up with an uneven result.

What would make you a candidate for a lip flip?
When you smile, do you notice that your top lip is curling under? A lip flip may be right for you! If you can’t tell if your lip is curling under, ask a friend to watch you smile and relax a couple of times. They should see your top lip disappear slightly or completely when you smile because your lip is curling under. We can fix that!

The Process
Just a small dose of neurotoxin in the orbicularis oris can relax that curling muscle and give you the easy natural smile you’ve been wanting. Your upper lip will now show the same amount while smiling as it does when you’re at rest. No need to worry about not being able to use a straw or dribbling on yourself, the low dose is just enough to get your desired results without changing how you function.


Gummy Smile
Your lip may not curl under while smiling but rather it lifts too high, showing a lot of gums. By targeting a muscle on each side of your nose, the neurotoxin can work to relax that elevating muscle. You may not even realize that you’re a candidate for this procedure but if you start scrolling through photos where you’re extra happy, you may see it.

The Process
Gummy smile correction is another low-dose procedure that takes just minutes to perform. Once the neurotoxin has kicked in, you won’t have to actively think about controlling your smile when you’re laughing or have had a couple of cocktails. Your lips will stop right above your teeth, giving you an easy smile.

PDO Smooth Threads
Maybe the reason you’re not loving your lips isn’t related to muscle pull at all. It could be that your lips are lacking a sharp, defined look. There’s an option for you too! PDO smooth threads are solid collagen filaments that can be used anywhere in the body and are placed quickly. These smooth threads will give your vermillion border definition with no downtime at all. These promote your body to produce more collagen over the next six months after completing three sessions.

Lip Filler
If using a neurotoxin or collagen threads won’t quite get you the lips or smile you were hoping for, you have another option. Hyaluronic Acid filler is an amazing way to shape and structure your dream pout. Already naturally occurring in the body, Hyaluronic Acid is a safe way to balance and shape the lips you’ve been dreaming of. At Plump Room, keeping the integrity of the natural lip is more important than overfilling and stretching the lip. Don’t fret, you’ll only be paying for the product used as opposed to paying for a full syringe.

The Process
When you come in for your Signature Plump Room Pout, your expert injector will start by talking about your budget and goals with you. If you have a goal picture, that’s great! Your injector will give you an estimation of how many sessions and how much filler will be needed. After establishing a game plan, you will sit with a topical numbing agent on your lips for 15 to 20 minutes. Once that time has passed, it’s smooth sailing. You should remain comfortable throughout the process as our Hyaluronic Acid filler contains Lidocaine to keep you numb. Your injector will go to work sculpting your new lips! The entire process from consult to the final bit of filler being injected takes around 45 minutes.

With filler, your results will be immediate but slightly swollen. You can expect the swelling to go down approximately 20% over the next week and a half as your body goes to work healing. It’s not uncommon to feel lumps over the first week, but be sure not to touch them as it will cause even more swelling, resulting in an even longer healing time. Many people fall in love with the size of their lips immediately following treatment and that’s fine! We can simply add another quarter syringe to get you to that size. This option will last you over a year before needing to maintain and revamp them.

It’s not uncommon for people to want to combine any of the above options. You can mix and match what works best for you! Your expert injectors are here to guide you in the right direction and be your beacon of light on your aesthetic journey. Consultations are ALWAYS free and the perfect opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have. Booking is just a click away. See you soon!

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