Why Your Skin Needs Alastin To Look Younger

In 2022 our skincare options are endless! So endless that it may be a struggle to find a brand you think will work for you. With recommendations coming from friends, magazines, and even Instagram, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with selections. Sure, you can find something cute and trendy, but does it truly work? That’s why we love Alastin, the science-backed and doctor-developed skincare brand that delivers. So how can you use Alastin to turn back the clock? We’ll tell you exactly why your skin needs Alastin to look younger. 

Alastin is a science and doctor-backed brand, meaning it’s their goal to bring your skin the best possible care. Years of research went into Alastin before ever releasing it to the public. The results truly speak for themselves and the benefits are endless!

So, what are the must-haves that are essential to your skincare routine? We’ll help you break it down and tell you what each product’s purpose is. Let’s start with a basic daily routine.

Gentle Cleanser

Some cleansers are a little too harsh for the skin, but this one provides a thorough cleaning without redness and irritation afterward. When cleaning your face, just use a little bit of product and be sure to get in all the spots you forget about, such as around the nose and in the temple area. While not necessary, we always recommend a double cleanse for that extra squeaky feeling.

Renewal Retinol

For this one, you have to ease it into your routine, but once you do, your skin will be thanking you. Retinol is integral when it comes to maintaining youthful skin. Unlike other retinol products on the market, this one improves tone, and texture and diminishes fine lines without irritating the skin. Retinol should be used once a day in the evenings once your skin becomes used to the product. 

Restorative Eye Treatment

Not all eye creams are created equally. Most can only be used below the eye but that can leave your under eyes looking youthful and the upper lid looking aged. With this eye cream, you can work your way all the way around the eye for an even and beautiful result. Remember to use your ring finger to tap and apply the product as this finger has the most gentle touch.

Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer

After letting your retinol and eye treatment settle into the skin for a few minutes, top it all off with some moisturizer. Even if you manage to forget everything between cleansing and moisturizing, these two steps are crucial. This moisturizer will act as a shield for your skin as well as prompt your skin to plump up and regenerate the elastin and collagen you’ve lost over the years. 

HydraTint SPF 36

Whether you’re stepping out for the day or lounging in the sun from the comfort of your couch, your skin needs SPF. HydraTint is an easy solution to protect your skin and blur your pores for a beautiful finish. You should always have at least SPF 30 on when you’re going to be in the sun. That includes in the winter! This tinted moisturizer gives a beautiful result without having to work hard for it, making it a great daytime option! 

Bonus Products

Looking to take your skincare a step further? Here are some standout products we love here at Plump Room!

Neck Complex

You should always be bringing your skincare down to your neck and decollete, but sometimes you need a little extra. The skin in this area is different than what’s on your face so it’s no surprise that it needs a different formula. Reduce the appearance of crepey skin and blur away lines with this twice-a-day treatment.

Regenerating Skin Nectar

Perfect for beauties with more intense skincare routines, this nectar is just what the doctor ordered! This product enhances the laser and microneedling treatments you’ve been getting to improve your skin’s appearance. It also reduces recovery time so you can back to living your life quicker rather than hiding peeling skin for a few days.

Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm

If laser facials are part of your regular skincare routine, you definitely know what it’s like to feel shaken up and raw for a few days after treatment. The best part is that it’s so universal. From chapped lips to cracked hands, use this balm to tackle any healing you need. Not too shabby of a tool to keep in your medicine cabinet if you ask us!

INhance Post-Injection Serum

Perfect for you Plump Room regulars and microneedlng enthusiasts, this serum is designed to not only soothe with a cooling effect but promote faster healing after your service. Apply this 4 times a day until the tube is gone to reveal perfectly plump and hydrated skin. This serum also boosts collagen and elastin production. A must-have for those who are prone to bruising or have slower healing times on average. 

Clearly, Alastin has a ton of incredible products to offer for every skin type. It’s time for you to revamp your routine, even if it just starts with a few new products. Your skin will thank you!

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