New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Beauty Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

It’s New Years’ resolutions season, and while it can be exciting to set intentions, it’s easy to get a little wild with them. We’re firm advocates for the dream big movement, but we also think it’s important to have some more tangible resolutions! It’s hard to believe we’re already in 2022, and after two years of unpredictability and forgetting to do little things for ourselves, why not have some easy resolutions to help you have your healthiest and most glowy year yet?

Up Your Water Intake

This one may be pretty obvious, but it’s also one of the most neglected. Bumping up your water consumption is a marathon, not a race. If you’re only drinking one glass of water a day, try to bump it up to two! Keeping up with hydration is one of the easiest ways to give your skin a much-needed boost, but what can you do if you just can’t keep up with it? Pick up some electrolyte packets like Liquid IV to add to a glass a day. By boosting electrolyte intake, your skin will be able to retain better hydration throughout the day, and who doesn’t want that? It is winter after all! 

Dedicate time to getting professional facials

Regularly getting facials from a licensed professional may seem like something you can skimp on, but it’s actually a great way to kickstart a great skincare routine for the new year. By establishing a regular schedule with your trusted esthetician, you’re setting yourself up for success. They will identify your skin’s needs and build an at-home care routine to best suit your needs. By giving your skin a headstart on rejuvenating and refreshing itself, you’ll be looking like a whole new you come springtime. 

Analyze your at-home skincare routine

It may still be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can be neglecting your use of sunscreen. The sun’s rays are extremely powerful, even under the cover of clouds they can negatively impact your skin. While it’s important to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, you should be getting it in a safe way. The SPF you need depends on where you fall on the Fitzpatrick scale but a good ballpark for most people is SPF 30. It can feel a bit strange applying something that you’re used to using in the Summer when you’re so far away from the season, but your skin will thank you. Trust us. You could even get a triple threat with a tinted moisturizer with SPF in it to kill three birds with one stone! 

Dive into the world of Botox

There’s still a massive stigma around Botox and we understand why. With celebrities getting bad treatment, why would yours look any better….right? Wrong! At Plump Room, we prefer to harness the power of “microtox”.  By smoothing lines and refreshing the youthful appearance of the skin in a modest way, no one will even know you’ve been dabbling in Botox. Unless, of course, you tell them! Where most medspas have a tendency to overtreat muscles and leave people looking a bit stiff, we opt for a more natural effect. Many things freeze in the winter, but your face shouldn’t be one of them. By using small doses of neurotoxins, you can still have full control over your facial movement without leaving behind wakes of expression on your face. Your friends will be wondering how you do it when you show up to the first springtime brunch looking younger than before! 

Improve your sleeping habits

If you’re anything like us, the holiday season has been exhausting and left you with a few more sleepless nights than you’d like to admit. Thankfully, you get a fresh start now to reset your routine. There are tons of ways you can improve your bedtime routine, but we want to let you in on a few of our favorite secrets. The first one is not bringing your phone to bed! Your bed is for sleeping, not scrolling hours on TikTok, and mindlessly refreshing your email. Once you’re settled in bed, you may want to try some aromatherapy. Lush has a sleepy lotion that gently lulls you to sleep with lavender, tonka and ylang-ylang blended to perfection that we’re huge fans of. Two final touches for restful and luxurious sleep are a silk pillowcase and an eye mask to protect the delicacy of your skin. Soon enough, you’ll see eyebags fade into a distant memory now that you’re getting the best sleep of your life. 

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to have few new resolutions to try out in 2022 and the best part? Of course you’ll be looking better but you’ll also be FEELING better!  Cheers to the new year!

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