The Plump Room Facelift

With all sorts of facelifting trips, tricks, and hacks, it’s hard to decide what will work best for you. Thankfully, we’ve cracked the code on how to achieve that lifted look for a fraction of the price and in a non-invasive way! With a combo of ‘tox, and some of our little luxuries, you’ll be looking snatched in no time at all.

Forehead Botox
The forehead is one of the most common places to get Botox for a good reason. Depending on your muscle structure, your face could be pulled down by certain movements. Release those muscles for a lifted and more open look. The smoothing of fine lines also helps to turn back time on your face as well.

Elevens Botox
No non-surgical facelift is complete without treating the glabellar area, also known as the elevens. When people start noticing lines on their forehead, many times they’ll just want to treat that area, but by forgoing treating the area between the brows, your muscles can overcompensate and begin to pull your brows down. By treating your elevens area at the same time as your forehead, you will achieve an overall brighter and more open look

Botox Brow Lift
Similar to the elevens, by treating the tails of your brows with Botox you can get a nice lift. A great option for those who feel their lids are a bit heavy and makeup isn’t going on quite the same as it used to. When dosed with a small bit of ‘tox, those muscles responsible for pulling your face down will be released.

Cheek Filler
As we age, collagen loss can cause the face to droop and age quickly. When the face starts to appear more sunken, your lids can also become heavy. To restore that lifted plump cheek, filler is a great option! Using filler to replace the lost volume, creates a more open and youthful look. By flipping the triangle of beauty back to the way it was, you’ll look much more lifted.

Brow Lamination
Remember the early 2000s when thin, overplucked brows were all the rage? How about the overfilled Dipbrow era of 2015? Trends come and go, but as makeup has shifted to a more natural look, a new trend has emerged. Brow lamination!

So what exactly is a brow lamination and how do you know if you’re a good candidate? This procedure is great for just about anyone wanting to spend less time on their makeup routine. By lifting, taming, and sculpting the brows, many people achieve a more lifted look. Brow lamination is a chemical process similar to a perm, working to smooth the hairs in a direction that is more manageable for you. Top it off with a tint for extra definition and you’ll see a beautiful transformation.

The procedure yourself is painless many people find it so relaxing that they fall asleep during it! It takes around 45 minutes to get lamination, brow shaping, and tinting, leaving you with a beautifully natural yet sculpted look.

To start, you’ll talk about your desired results with your technician. Go through the process of how you currently style your brows and how you would like to enhance or change this routine. The process of brow lamination uses a combination of chemicals to reshape the hairs while they are brushed into place. After the shape has been created, it’s time to tint! The tint is meant to define your shape even more and give the appearance of fuller brows. After about 5 days, the tint will wear off the skin but remain on the brow hairs, keeping them looking defined. A quick wax and keratin treatment and your new brows are done! Their new lifted look will have you feeling more glamorous than ever.

Lash Lift
When aging, the skin around the eyes can start to droop, resulting in a sleepy appearance. Thankfully, with the help of a little lash lift, you can get a more awake and lifted look! Lash curlers can rip out, damage and even cut off natural lashes when being used. This results in sparse lashes and draws attention to them.

During this easy and restful service, your natural lashes will be lifted, curled, and fluffed to perfection. First, a shield or curling rod is placed, this is what the lashes mold around. The smaller the rod, the tighter the curl so it’s important to talk to your technician about your goals. After a series of gels to create the lifting effect, it’s time to check the curl. Your tech will shimmy the lashes loose and see how they look. Occasionally, stubborn lashes will need to be lifted again. After the desired curl is achieved a tint will be applied, even if you have naturally dark lashes. The gel can cause the lashes to lighten in the process, making the tint an important step.

The ending result will be beautifully fluffy lashes without the need for extensions or mascara. Your eyes will look more defined without having to work too hard for it. With the opening effect, your face will appear more lifted and awake.

You can mix and match these techniques to cater to the exact look you want, but all together can create an optimal look. Many people that come into Plump Room are looking for a lifted look but aren’t ready for a facelift. These options are the next best thing and a great place to start before looking into more invasive options.

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