How To Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Chicago summertime can mean a multitude of things, from catching rays in The Playpen to enjoying peaceful picnics in the park surrounded by your loved ones. Chicago has limitless opportunities and events to be part of, but one of our personal favorites is WEDDINGS! Proposals, engagement shoots, bachelorette parties, and of course, the big day itself are all memories you will carry with you for the rest of your life. The photos will become something you’ll look back upon fondly and smile, so we want to assure you that you’re going to be looking flawless when the big day does come. There can be a lot of chaos that can surround wedding planning, and this may mean that other small details slip through the cracks. Here’s our little checklist to help you ensure that you’re looking airbrushed in every photo.

Framing The Face

Choosing the right hairstylist for your wedding is a HUGE decision. You want someone reliable, affordable, and talented all rolled into a stylist with a phenomenal eye for what will best compliment your face shape, makeup, and highlight what you’re wearing for the big day. Always do a trial run beforehand to get a better idea of what you’re looking for. Have photos for inspiration or if you’re a bold type, let your stylist go to town and use their creative eye to give you something stunning and unique!

Nail The Look

When you’re getting your makeup done for your wedding, remember to apply more than you usually would. While you still might want a natural look, wearing too little could result in an uneven skin tone or for it to not show up in photos. You’ll want to do some practice runs with this as well and try playing around with different mediums. Liquid foundation could be the key to your wedding day look, or maybe airbrushing is more your speed when it comes to having a flawless application. Whatever you decide on, just be sure to apply a little bit extra, even if you already feel that you have enough on. Remember that what may seem over the top in the mirror, will be just right for the camera!

It Starts With Skincare

Now, we all know that skincare should be kept up with at all times whether that’s regular facials, establishing a solid regime at home, or a combination of both. If you’re not totally in love with the way your skin looks, take some time to check in with an esthetician or a dermatologist in more extreme cases. This is a process you should start months ahead of time to assure your skin has enough time to purge all of the bad stuff and turnover to give you a glowy appearance. Don’t neglect the decolletage when it comes to your skincare either, especially if you’re rocking a strapless or otherwise open neckline dress. 

Blur It With Botox

Insecurities can be a heavy burden, and on the happiest day of your life, we want them to be blurred away. We want you to laugh your biggest and most genuine laugh without worrying that you’re showing too much of your gums or that the creases around your eyes may show up in the photos you display in the family home. We want you to look timeless. At Plump Room, we do microbotox to give you a natural, “how do they do it?” look that will translate to photos beautifully. We use Botox to correct and smooth any insecurities that may spring to life when you’re preparing to walk down the aisle. 

Sure, there are the obvious things you can use Botox for, such as crow’s feet, elevens between the brows and your forehead, but did you know that there are other ways you can use it to enhance your appearance? By strategically placing your doses, we can relax the muscles that cause you to have a gummy smile because let’s face it, you’re going to be laughing and smiling a lot on your wedding day. If you’re wanting a better idea of how Botox can enhance your look and leave you with the perfect bridal glow, you can book your free consultation here


It’s normal to have some nervousness surrounding your wedding, but don’t let this translate into photos! Do your best to keep your cool and relax. You will be surrounded by people who love you and are just as excited as you, so do your best to stay relaxed on your big day! Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and remember not to rush yourself. Congratulations, you’re about to embark on one of life’s biggest adventures, enjoy it! 

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