How To Get The Most From Your ‘Tox

If you’re anything like us, you wish Botox lasted longer. Unfortunately, science hasn’t come far enough to get us those prolonged effects. Now you’re left with the question of how to get the most from your tox in the 3 to 4 months it lasts. Thankfully, we have some tips …

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Lakeview Chicago Neighbors You’ll Love

It’s no secret that Lakeview Chicago is known for its charming and friendly atmosphere that both singles and families alike love. Filled to the brim with sweet as pie bakeries, chic boutiques, and delectable eats, it’s no surprise that people flock to the neighborhood for anything they could want! Here …

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How To Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Chicago summertime can mean a multitude of things, from catching rays in The Playpen to enjoying peaceful picnics in the park surrounded by your loved ones. Chicago has limitless opportunities and events to be part of, but one of our personal favorites is WEDDINGS! Proposals, engagement shoots, bachelorette parties, and …

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Plump Room: Lakeview’s New Luxe Botox Boutique

Welcome to Plump Room! A new Botox boutique conveniently located in Lakeview, Chicago. Catering to both first timers and Botox veterans alike, Plump Room offers a unique and cozy experience to everyone who comes through our doors.  Who says that treating yourself to a little pampering has to be an …

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What You Should Know Before Getting Botox

With everyone you know getting Botox these days, it may seem like no big deal and anyone can do it. While it is a very quick and low-risk procedure with decades of research behind it, Botox still is a medical procedure and you should know a few things before deciding …

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