How Getting Botox In My 20s Changed My Life

When most people think of Botox, they think of older women getting the treatment done to restore some youth, but it’s not just for people who already have deep-set wrinkles. I first got Botox in my forehead when I was 24. I had been curious about it for a while as I am big on makeup and beauty. I love creating different looks but found myself getting frustrated when I couldn’t seem to get the coverage I wanted due to some deep ridges that would form when I raised my eyebrows. I really didn’t have any visible wrinkles when my face was relaxed, but I saw the faintest line beginning to really set in. I consider myself a high ponytail queen and didn’t want people to be looking at the creases in my makeup when I went out and about. 

I had mentioned passively to my coworkers that I was looking into Botox and one of them spoke up and encouraged me to give it a try! She had been getting Botox for years and absolutely loved the results that she got from it. One day I decided to finally book an appointment and get Botox for the first time. Worst case scenario, if I didn’t like it, it would wear off in a few months and I could be done with it.

I made sure to look up everything I should avoid prior to my appointment things like ibuprofen and alcohol were on the avoid list. I did a nice morning workout because a vigorous workout after receiving Botox could make things wear off faster because I didn’t give my muscles a chance to absorb the product. It was a humid summer, so I was sure to go through my full skincare routine before going in to get all of the residual makeup and oils off my skin.

I walked into the office to get checked in and I was a little nervous because I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Was I too young to get this done? Was it going to cost me a lot? Was I actually going to like the results? After filling out a pretty standard medical history, I was escorted to the chair. 

Any nervousness I had was soon put to ease when the doctor came in. I was asked to raise and lower my eyebrows time and time again so the injector could see exactly what I needed and where. She told me that I was starting at the perfect time to prevent wrinkles from really settling into my skin. The actual procedure was quick, easy, and relatively painless! The needle felt like a small pinprick and after the first one, I knew what to expect as the procedure went on. It was the fastest 5 minutes of my life and I was excited to see how I would look once it had set in. Checkout was pretty painless as well. Turns out, Botox is more affordable than most would think! Especially if you’re starting early as you won’t need as many units.

I went home and was sure to follow all the instructions of my injector to assure that I got the best results possible, which wasn’t too difficult to do. I just avoided heavy sweating, didn’t touch the injection sites, and made sure to stay upright for a few hours. As days passed, I watched the wrinkles disappear from my forehead, but my ability to raise my eyebrows remained. By day 10 I was feeling more confident than I had in a long time! My foundation applied more smoothly than ever and it stayed right where I put it. I was over the moon!

One of the hidden benefits that I got from Botox was that I no longer sweat as much in my forehead which meant I wasn’t developing nearly as much acne and congestion. My headaches were few and far between and when I did get them, they were much more bearable. After 3 months, my muscles were starting to burn through the Botox and I was almost due for my next appointment. After that second appointment, my Botox was lasting longer than before and I was happy to get back to carrying on with life after my quick appointment. 

I couldn’t recommend Botox enough to all of my friends and family and a few of them have started getting it as well! It’s worth a shot at least and if you decide it’s not for you, you can stop getting the treatment done. I’m definitely happy I started early and now have confidence that I didn’t realize I had! Plump Room made me feel comfortable and well taken care of which is everything I could have asked for. From great staff to a plush lounge area to hang out in, I felt welcome the entire time. They even made scheduling super easy with their online booking tool so I didn’t have to stress out about rearranging my schedule for my appointment. If you were looking for a sign to finally try Botox, this is it. No time like the present!

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